​​CIA @ Comrade In America – Movie Review


Amal Neerad‘s Comrade in America (CIA) starring Dulquer Salmaan is a rom-com survival movie. The story revolves around Aji Matthew, a Kerala based youngster and communist who goes to America in search of his girlfriend to stop her marriage and bring her with him.

The film begins with the introduction of the protagonist Aji Mathew who is an intransigent communist, and his father who is a well-known leader in the Congress Party. Most of the first half is invested in the romance track and the reason why Aji has to go to the states. The whole second half focuses on whether he manages to survive to reach US through Mexico illegally. The film speaks in detail about the plights of the illegal immigrants in US.

CIA‘ is not a great film that neither leaves a striking impact nor too high on the entertainment quotient, but still not a bad film at all. It is a decent entertainer with quite a number of beautiful moments. There are certain things that could have been better in terms of writing and a few ‘taken for granted‘ moments. Somehow, I did not feel disappointed with this survival drama; I left the cinema hall feeling contended, for what it was.

The biggest plus point of ‘CIA‘ was its casting and Gopi Sunder‘s extra-ordinary music. All the 3 songs and the background score was too good. Dulquer Salmaan has done a fabulous job as Aji and his charisma adds so much to the character. Everyone else including Karthika Muralidharan, Chandini Sreedharan, Siddique, Dileesh Pothan and Soubin Shahir have played their part well. Renadive‘s cinematography takes us all the way to Kottayam, Nicaragua, Mexico and the US.

There were many interesting ideas in the film such as the protagonist narrating his love story to the audience through his imaginary interaction with the comrades Lenin, Stalin, Che Guevara and Karl Marx. The major let-down of ‘CIA’ is with the abruptness in the Mexico to US travel scenes. When we are introduced to characters like Laden who cannot enter US and the reason behind the women buying condoms, we tend to expect an extra-ordinary second half. The taxi driver’s character which begins so interestingly, gets so ordinary in a few minutes and the ending to the character was so dramatic and cliched.

‘CIA’ is good enough to be watched once; but for the fresh and untouched plot that it holds, it could have been a lot more interesting.

– Rahman

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