Ramante Edanthottam – Movie Review

What will you do when you come to know that your wife is in an affair for so many years with someone? ‘Ramante Edanthottam’ begins with such a scenario, which arouses the curiosity of the audience.

‘Ramante Edanthottam’ directed by Ranjith Shankar is starring Kunchacko Boban & Anu Sithara in the lead roles, which recommends living for oneself and enjoying even the most small happiness in life & cherishing them. The film speaks about husbands who take their wives for granted, the prison-like life of many housewives. The authenticity in every aspect and some beautiful takeaways in this film makes it special. The emotions have been handled very subtly, making it look perfect. The conversations were simple and so relatable. The way the director has handled the relationship of Ram & Malini and the film’s ending were ideal.

Casting has been a boon for ‘Ramante Edanthottam’ where Kunchacko Boban, Anu Sithara & Joju George who has played the 3 central characters have delivered a faultless performance. On the flip side, the slow pace might be a problem for a set of audience and 2 of the songs looked only as a mere gap-filler. Also, the comedy track involving Aju Varghese was totally out of the script (off late, such irrelevant comedy tracks have become a regular practice in some Malayalam films).

‘Ramante Edanthottam’ might not be a must watch film, but is really worth your time if you love breezy drama tales.

– Rahman

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