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directed by Rajkumar Periyasamy (former assistant of Director A.R.Murugadoss), is an action drama thriller that has Gautham Karthik in the lead role. The film primarily revolves around the illegal trading and black market gold business in North Madras.

Director Rajkumar Periyasamy has tried to present an interesting crime thriller and has managed to be successful in it. The director does impress in the efforts he has put to make the film as authentic as possible – say the research done to collect information related to the Gold smuggling & the Black market for Gold in India, the Hawala money laundering and the transfer service brokers. Right from the beginning where the protagonist narrates his past from Rangoon and describes about his childhood, surroundings and friends, everything looks genuine. The director has made sure that the protagonist’s locale, the characters and ambience are all believable and relatable for the audience.

Even though there are a number of characters, the director does not spend much time for their character introduction – but still, he assures that every other pivotal character does leave an impression. The pre-interval Rangoon scenes and the kidnap episode in the second half have been well-directed. Even the twists and turns are neatly placed and not thrown on the audience face just for the sake of it.

The film has a good share of emotions, humour and action – but nothing out of the script, that is where the director scores! The love track and the heroine alone do not help the script by any means, but still those scenes aren’t boring either. The dialogues are quite simple and straight such as ‘Porakkurathu easy, Saagurathu adhai vida easy.. Renduthukkum naduvula vaazhurathu dhan kashtam’.

Gautham Karthik has done his part very well, giving the audience no chances to complain at all. Next to his debut film ‘Kadal’, this is one film where he had ample scope to perform; ‘Rangoon’ might probably be the first ever hit film in his career. Malayalam actor Siddique is just amazing as Gunaseelan, delivering a very subtle performance. Lallu who was already seen in films like KTVI & 8 Thottakkal seems to be a very promising artist. Daniel Annie Pope and the television actor who appears in the role of Kesavan had roles that of very high importance which they had utilized perfecttly. The brilliant cinematography by Anish Tharun Kumar and the songs and the elevating background score by Vikram RH & Vishal Chandrasekhar do contribute a lot to the film.

‘Rangoon’ is not a flawless film; it has some minor flaws and pace issues here and there. But, the end product is a recommendable entertainer that stands out because of its presentation.      

– Rahman

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