Wonder Woman – Movie Review


Following her brief debut in the 2016 release Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the ‘DC Films’ presents us ‘Wonder Woman’ in a titular character in a film that talks about her origin.  Set in the early twentieth century, the film tells the story of Princess Diana, who grows up on the Amazon island of Themyscira. The film shows the process of her becoming the Wonder Woman while she tries to stop the ongoing World War I by finding its root cause, taking the help of American pilot Steve Trevor.

With a highly inspiring and lovable characterization of the protagonist compensated by an arresting performance from the gorgeous Gal Gadot, the thrilling action sequences and extra-ordinary art direction and VFX by the team, ‘Wonder Woman’ guarantees a wholesome entertainment.

Although the film is set on a very traditional Hollywood ‘Good vs Evil’ Super Hero backdrop, this first ever Woman Super Hero from DC Comics is extremely jubilant and commercially appealing! Despite the fact that the first 15 minutes are a bit boring, the film sets in perfect pace once Diana meets Captain Steve. Diana and the amazons saving Steve, Diana going to London along with him, the funnily interesting ‘marriage’ ‘above-average man’ conversations between them, Diana’s interpretation of the mankind, their routine and behaviour from the people she sees in London, her attack at the No man’s land – everything goes in a perfect flow, until the climax that looked a little dragging (in fact, it was the only tiring portion in the film). Other than that, the film has got most things right on commercial phase; look out for scenes like the action block at the No Man’s Land which is a delight to watch!

In every other aspect, ‘Wonder Woman’ emerges as the most amusing product from the ‘DC Films’ in the recent years! Let us keep calm and wait for Wonder Woman’s next appearance in ‘Justice League’ which has been slated for release this November 🙂

– Rahman

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