@Peechaankai – Movie Review

What if your hand is not in your brain’s control and if it starts functioning on its own? This medical condition is called ‘Alien Hand Syndrome’ (this might happen due to a damage to the corpus callosum, which connects the left and right brain). ‘Peechaankai’ movie is all about this, where the protagonist suffers from ‘Alien Hand Syndrome’. The film is primarily a comedy thriller that revolves around a petty thief who is a part of two assignments – a robbery associated with a MLA and a child’s kidnap.

Less than 10 minutes into the film, the director assures us that we have invested our money in the right film. The introduction song of ‘Smoothu’ does set high expectations on the film, followed by the impressive sequences of ‘AH Syndrome’ and the ‘Naa Onna Ninaicha’ song. Despite a number of hiccups frequently, the director manages to keep us laughing in regular intervals – thanks to the interesting characters and the quirky writing. However, one does feel that with the plot being strikingly unconventional, this film could have been a masterpiece with an even better writing.

The characterization of Smoothu has been very well-moulded. He is a pickpocket but he has his own principles – he does not wants to have money that comes easily, he is concerned enough to return back the important documents of his customers, he is guilty to have money which is of highest priority to others and he cannot hurt kids. Karthik RS has done a praiseworthy job as the protagonist displaying the style and attitude of a petty thief perfectly; there are hardly any minuses to pinpoint about his performance. All the other actors including M.S.Bhaskar, Vivek Prasanna, Gaja and his gang members (most of them are debutants) have done their part pretty decently; the only miscast or minus in the casting was the heroine.

The film which moves in a steady pace until interval, loses its momentum for a while post interval. Few comedy scenes did not work as expected. Still, there were some hilarious scenes such as the telephone booth scene and the police chase too. Even though the romance episode contributed its part to the script to an extent, it was the most uninteresting portion in the whole film. The cinematography and music were like strong supporting pillars, though the background score sounded monotonous at places.

Except for the amateurish direction in some scenes and the unfunny jokes like ‘Selfie-Selvi’, ‘Bro-Bra’, ‘Android-Underwear’ in a handful of scenes, ‘Peechaankai’ is completely worth your time and money! The film does not fail to put a smile on your face while you leave the cinema hall. Director Ashok is definitely a promising debutant to the K’town!

Below are some scenes and interesting montage songs from this film:

– Rahman

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