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Ivan Thanthiran – Movie Review (3)
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​​Actor Gautham Karthik who had debuted in ‘Kadal‘ in 2012, tasted his first success after 5 years through ‘Rangoon‘ movie which released this month. To retain that success and stabilize himself in the industry, Gautham Karthik needs some consecutive hits in his filmography. Director Kannan has produced ‘Ivan Thanthiran’ other than directing the film, since he needs a hit now desperately after a line of flops including ‘Vandhaan Vendraan’, ‘Settai’ and ‘Oru Oorla Rendu Raja’‘Ivan Thanthiran’ is supposed to be a significant film the career of both Actor Gautham Karthik & Director Kannan.

After completing their engineering, Shakthi (Gautham Karthik) and his friend (RJ Balaji) are running a shop in Ritchie Street selling laptops, mobiles and other electronic equipment. Shakthi is also interested in inventing new devices using the old accessories and spare parts of electronic items. At a point of time, when Shakthi is facing a problem with a cunning politician, he is not able to stand against him directly. So, how does he bring down the politician indirectly using his ‘techie’ brain? This forms the crux of ‘Ivan Thanthiran’.

Director Kannan has tried to serve an entertainer taking a plot that revolves around a prominent issue in our society, flavoring it with the backdrop of computers, hacking and bug. The film talks on many serious topics such as how badly education has been commercialized today, the political games around it, how the common man is highly affected by it and the current scenario where even primary schools demand lakhs for admission. By neither making the film so serious nor making too cinematic and diluting the topic’s seriousness for the audience itself, Director wins the process halfway!

With the unexciting scenes and the hero’s introduction song in the first 15 minutes, we get a feeling if the film would be a below average product. The scenes involving heroine in the first half also aren’t that interesting. After the introduction of the villain only, the film sets in right pace. From then, the film progresses undisturbed until the interval block that is strongly set. The film that slightly falters post interval, does deviate from the plot here and there. Even though the heroine’s scenes and romance episode is very short, it doesn’t fit into place much. The second half was a little slow (than needed) comparing to the first half. If the climax wasn’t so abrupt and if it was more credible and convincing, the ending would have been a sixer. These are the flips in ‘Ivan Thanthiran’.

Among the plus points of this film, the first and foremost is R.J.Balaji‘s comedy. Talking about the tortures faced by Engineering students in college premises and the routine problems of IT employees sarcastically, making fun of an Auto driver by comparing the meter standards of OLA & UBER, commenting on the ‘Koovathur Luxury Resort’ and asking the CBI officer about solving the Sivaji case in the climax – R.J.Balaji wins applause and whistle in each and every scene talking funnily about problems that a commoner could relate to. The film’s duration which is less than 2 hours is also a plus point. The director has been able to take a simple plot and package it with comedy and action for the audience in an engaging manner.

Gautham Karthik as Sakthi has done a convincing job. Even though his role does not have any scope to emote much, he has utilized the role given. After her brilliant debut in the Kannada movie ‘U Turn’  (she was also seen in a small role in ‘Kaatru Veliyidai), Shraddha Srinath is seen in a very ordinary heroine role in this film; her lip-sync and make-up was an issue in few scenes. After ‘Komban’, Subburayan is seen as a terrifying villain once again. Songs in S.S.Thaman‘s music was very average and the placement of the songs were also not good. But, the background score was good indeed.

If the film had a watertight screenplay, ‘Ivan Thanthiran’ could have been a memorable entertainer. Seeing few pivotal scenes in the film filmed with a mediocre approach, one wonders if the director was too much contended with his script. Also, am not sure how amusing this film would have been without the presence of R.J.Balaji. However, despite all these minuses, ‘Ivan Thanthiran’ does not fail to engross its audience. It is appreciable that the team has given a commercial film that deals with a very prominent issue of our society. 🙂 (y)

– Rahman

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Ivan Thanthiran – Movie Review (1)


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