Ramante Edanthottam – Movie Review

What will you do when you come to know that your wife is in an affair for so many years with someone? ‘Ramante Edanthottam’ begins with such a scenario, which arouses the curiosity of the audience.

‘Ramante Edanthottam’ directed by Ranjith Shankar is starring Kunchacko Boban & Anu Sithara in the lead roles, which recommends living for oneself and enjoying even the most small happiness in life & cherishing them. The film speaks about husbands who take their wives for granted, the prison-like life of many housewives. The authenticity in every aspect and some beautiful takeaways in this film makes it special. The emotions have been handled very subtly, making it look perfect. The conversations were simple and so relatable. The way the director has handled the relationship of Ram & Malini and the film’s ending were ideal.

Casting has been a boon for ‘Ramante Edanthottam’ where Kunchacko Boban, Anu Sithara & Joju George who has played the 3 central characters have delivered a faultless performance. On the flip side, the slow pace might be a problem for a set of audience and 2 of the songs looked only as a mere gap-filler. Also, the comedy track involving Aju Varghese was totally out of the script (off late, such irrelevant comedy tracks have become a regular practice in some Malayalam films).

‘Ramante Edanthottam’ might not be a must watch film, but is really worth your time if you love breezy drama tales.

– Rahman

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The Circle – Movie Review


A very ordinary girl who is living a boring & unchallenged life gets into a dream job at a giant technology company, which changes her life upside down completely. Eventually, she understands that something isn’t right with the company that could endanger the whole human society. What happens then forms the crux.

‘The Circle’ which begins as a pretty decent science-fiction / techno thriller gets boring, in less than 30 minutes into the film. Though there are some intriguing ideas & scenes here and there, most of the film is just plain and is moving aimlessly.

Emma Watson tries too hard to save this film from becoming a disaster, but it has been hardly possible for her. Wonder why Tom Hanks agreed to do such a role that is ‘good for nothing’.

– Rahman

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – Movie Review

It is indeed real fun to see Quil, Drax, Gamora, Groot, Baby Groot and Rocket on screen again! The film is definitely as good as the Vol 1. In ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2′, the guardians travel throughout the cosmos as they help Peter Quill learn more about his true parentage.
Director James Gunn has understood what clicked in the first volume and has

tried to recreate the humour, emotions and action in a different style. The film has been very successful as a sequel in terms of the astounding visuals and by retaining our love for the central characters.

Except for few hiccups towards the climax, ‘
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2‘ was a roller-coaster ride guaranteeing unlimited fun! 🙂– Rahman

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​​CIA @ Comrade In America – Movie Review


Amal Neerad‘s Comrade in America (CIA) starring Dulquer Salmaan is a rom-com survival movie. The story revolves around Aji Matthew, a Kerala based youngster and communist who goes to America in search of his girlfriend to stop her marriage and bring her with him.

The film begins with the introduction of the protagonist Aji Mathew who is an intransigent communist, and his father who is a well-known leader in the Congress Party. Most of the first half is invested in the romance track and the reason why Aji has to go to the states. The whole second half focuses on whether he manages to survive to reach US through Mexico illegally. The film speaks in detail about the plights of the illegal immigrants in US.

CIA‘ is not a great film that neither leaves a striking impact nor too high on the entertainment quotient, but still not a bad film at all. It is a decent entertainer with quite a number of beautiful moments. There are certain things that could have been better in terms of writing and a few ‘taken for granted‘ moments. Somehow, I did not feel disappointed with this survival drama; I left the cinema hall feeling contended, for what it was.

The biggest plus point of ‘CIA‘ was its casting and Gopi Sunder‘s extra-ordinary music. All the 3 songs and the background score was too good. Dulquer Salmaan has done a fabulous job as Aji and his charisma adds so much to the character. Everyone else including Karthika Muralidharan, Chandini Sreedharan, Siddique, Dileesh Pothan and Soubin Shahir have played their part well. Renadive‘s cinematography takes us all the way to Kottayam, Nicaragua, Mexico and the US.

There were many interesting ideas in the film such as the protagonist narrating his love story to the audience through his imaginary interaction with the comrades Lenin, Stalin, Che Guevara and Karl Marx. The major let-down of ‘CIA’ is with the abruptness in the Mexico to US travel scenes. When we are introduced to characters like Laden who cannot enter US and the reason behind the women buying condoms, we tend to expect an extra-ordinary second half. The taxi driver’s character which begins so interestingly, gets so ordinary in a few minutes and the ending to the character was so dramatic and cliched.

‘CIA’ is good enough to be watched once; but for the fresh and untouched plot that it holds, it could have been a lot more interesting.

– Rahman

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@Lens – Movie Review

You and your Facebook friend are having a video chat through Skype. What will you do when he says suddenly that he is going to commit suicide and he wants you to see it live? The crux of ‘Lens’ begins with such an intriguing line.

Trailer link —> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exmQsRfx3TA

Lens’ directed by Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan is a hostage thriller that deals with the subject of voyeurism. The director has taken a very bold topic as the plot and has presented it as gritty as possible. The film runs for less than 90 minutes and there is no divergence at any point – there are no songs or any unwanted commercial additions. Almost 90% of the film happens inside a room itself, but still there aren’t much boredom moments despite the leisure pace.

Lens’ is an intense thriller that enlightens briefly on how endangering the technology advancements are and the dark cyber crimes happening everywhere around us. There are some hard-hitting moments that tell us on our face blatantly how every one of us are a part of this chain someway or other. There are such thought provoking scenes all-through the film. The scene where Angel holds placards and tells about her is so disturbing!

Dialogues such as ‘Manushan mathavanga munnaadi dhan nadippaan, thannai nallavanaa kaatikka’, ‘Namma asingangalai naama veliye kaatta virumburadhillai’, ‘Idhey oru policekaaran pondaatti’kko avan ponnukko nadandhirundhaa, summaa iruppeengalaa?’ are spot on! G.V.Prakash’s music has been an integral part of the film adding a lot of value, awesome job by him. S.R.Kathir’s work in cinematography is phenomenal!  Jayaprakash Radakrishnan has played the lead role, other than writing, directing and producing the film. Anandsami as Yohan, Aswathy Lal as Angel, Misha Goshal as Swathi have done their part very well. On the flip side, the screenplay is pretty much predictable. And, the lip sync has been an issue since most scenes are dubbed in Tamil (from Malayalam).

Lens’ is an appreciable attempt and a must watch for the Internet freaks. A decent thriller, that is worth your penny. But, not recommendable to watch with your girlfriend or family. Definitely, not for the weak hearts; it could be haunting!

Wishes to Director Vetrimaaran who has been directing, producing and distributing good films like this always! 🙂

– Rahman

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Things that you might not have noticed in ‘BAAHUBALI 2’! :)

Below are few interesting nuances that you might not have noticed while enjoying the visual extravaganza of the majestic Baahubali!

Hope you will enjoy reading it!

1. Both Amarendra Baahubali & Mahendra Baahubali second names are Shivudu


2. Both Amarendra Baahubali & Mahendra Baahubali grew up under different mothers


3. Both Amarendra Baahubali & Mahendra Baahubali fell in love deeply, seeing a woman in action!


4. Shivudu carries a Siva lingam on his shoulders. Amarendra Baahubali’s introduction scene has him pulling a Ganesha statue chariot.


5. Kattappa says that ‘In Kunthala kingdom, the Pindaaris kill people & throw them in water as their time pass’. Amarendra Baahubali kills all of them opening the dam water!

6. Sivagami gifts Bhallala Deva a bow & arrow, using which he can aim at a target up to 1000 feets. At the end, she dies shot by the same bow & arrow.


7. Kumara Varma’s room is full of paintings showing him as a great warrior; in such one painting, he will be holding a guy up in his hands which makes the audience laugh. When he gets courage & the moment he stands up, he lifts a person & throws him! Mass elevation.


8. Amarendra Baahubali’s mother died on his birthday. Mahendra Baahubali’s father died on his birthday. Bhallala Deva’s son Bhadra died on Bhallala Deva’s birthday!

9. Story started with Sivalinga being carried & story ends with Sivalingam being placed below the falls.

10. The title song ‘Oru Yaagam / Oka Praanam’ had every line & every word about Baahubali the Beginning scenes & characterizations clearly explained.

11. Not sure how many of u saw the song ‘Kanna Nee Thoongadaa / Kanna Nidurinchara’ which had some symbolic shots. When Devasena throws flowers on Krishna, flowers from tress fall on Baahubali. When water is poured on the statue, a dove flies splashing water on Baahubali. A devotional song sung by Devasena, with an indirect proposal to Amarendra!

Shared via Vaseegaran Sudarshan

Share it with your friends, if you find it interesting! 🙂

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Baahubali II – Movie Review

*** Spoiler Free Review ***

Director S.S.Rajamouli is a filmmaker who knows nothing but SUPER HIT, MEGA HIT and BLOCKBUSTER in his whole career. Baahubali is the most expensive film in the history of Indian cinema. Baahubali is a film series that is in production for more than 4+ years and also one of the few films featured in BBC’s documentary on ‘100 Years of Indian cinema’. ‘Baahubali 1’ which was made on a budget of 180 crore shattered many of the earlier box office records, becoming the highest grossing Indian film within India, the third highest grossing Indian film globally (next to PK & Dangal), the first and only South Indian film to gross over 650 crore (6.5 billion) worldwide and the first non-Hindi film to gross over 100 crore in the dubbed Hindi version. Coming to the business of ‘Baahubali 2’, anything that this film associated with is a RECORD BREAK! Whether it is the promotions, historical ticket bookings and theater openings, BAAHUBALI has been so unique with ‘Sky High’ expectations! Is the film worth all the hypes given? How good it is comparing with the part 1? Read on, to know!

First things first! #Baahubali2 is an entertainer that could definitely exceed the expectations and give a thoroughly satisfying cinematic experience for any kind of commercial movie lovers! I personally felt that the money that I spent for my ticket price was worthy enough for the first half itself. There are many logical lags and flaws in the script, but still the film stands out as an exceptional attempt.

To be honest, I wasn’t someone who adored#Baahubali1 a lot except for the fascinating character sketches and the visual extravaganza. I felt that the first part of this series spent so much time on the characters introduction & establishment and a lot other time on the unexceptional love scenes between Avanthika & Shivudu – the film got intriguing only after the flashback began. Whereas, completely contrast to that, ‘Baahubali 2’ is so much fixated to its plot. You will not be able to resist yourselves from adoring and admiring all the characters on screen. I just loved every bit of the film, in terms of the characterizations and the play between them. The dialogues and the music has been a very big plus point for the film.

The film starts amazing the audience right from the fantastically made title card (which is a summary of the first part). I really do not remember any other commercial films in the recent times, that gave the audience too much of goose bumps like this film did. Be it the introduction scene of Amarendra Baahubali saving Sivagami from a danger, the scene where he saves Kuntala kingdom, the extra-ordinary interval block, the courtyard scenes, the way how Devasena handles the Senapati who misbehaves with women, the following scene where Baahubali reacts to it in the courtyard, the much awaited #WKKB twist and many more scenes makes the audience go crazy in whistles and applause. For many reasons, ‘Baahubali’ would stand as an epitome of historical films in Indian cinema. 

The romance episode between Baahubali & Devasena looks a bit overdone beyond a point of time, but still it is enjoyable. All the 5 songs in the film are placed perfectly serving their purpose, without disturbing the flow of the narration. Some of the pivotal scenes are on predictable lines, but the director has presented in such a way that audience are in so much awe of it. On the flip side, the revenge portion of Shivudu looked too weak (the last 20 minutes) comparing to the brilliantly made flashback – the ‘larger than life’ stunts in that portion also looked too much ‘gravity defying’. Another issue with the Tamil version is (just like the part 1), that all the songs and few scenes have been filmed in Telugu (though advertised as Bilingual).

Coming to performance, once again Ramyakrishnan and Sathyaraj are the show-stealers. Their arresting performance makes the characters ‘Sivagami’ & ‘Kattappa’ even more authentic & memorable. Prabhas has put in his heart & soul to look as perfect as Amarendra Baahubali – his style, physique, charisma and acting makes us feel that no one else could have done justice to this role as he did. Anushka looks gorgeous (with most of her flashback portions shot way back in 2013 itself); her stunning performance as the brave Devasena was a treat to watch. She has got a number of mass moments for herself equally. The director has presented her character so lovably with the traits of an adacious warrior and an elegant woman in the right balance.  Rana delivers the best out of what was offered to him; but, I felt that his character’s importance in the second part has been much outfoxed by Nasser’s character. Maragatha Mani’s songs and background score has been the biggest pillar of Baahubali, which elevates the heroic build-ups and mass moments to a different height. Senthil Kumar’s highly commendable work in cinematography deserves huge appreciation; it is him who has been highly supportive in bringing the director’s imaginations out as spectacular visuals. This review would go incomplete without mentioning the impeccable work done by the team of art direction, visual effects, costumes, make-up and stunt direction. Hats off to ‘The captain of the ship’ S.S.Rajamouli, who has been on a long tiring journey of 5 years in finishing this mammoth project.

‘Baahubali II’ is a must watch movie for its wholesome entertainment and the ‘never seen before’ cinematic experience! This is one such film that does not deserves to be put down only by pin-pointing on the flaws and minuses; instead, it is meant to be celebrated for the breath-taking efforts in bringing true the epic dream of a filmmaker.

– Rahman

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