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@Brindhaavanam – Movie Review

Brindhaavanam’ directed by Radha Mohan is the story of Kannan – a youngster who is deaf and dumb. The film is a feel good drama, for which the director is very well known for. As like the other films of Radhamohan, there is a lot of importance for relationships and emotions in ‘Brindhaavanam’ too.

Radhamohan’s trademark style of humour and sentiments works at most scenes, except for the overdose here and there. The casting has been a very big plus point. Arulnidhi has tried to justify his presence in the role as much as he can; he fits in perfectly as the innocent and ever-smiling Kannan. Tanya who was seen very much underutilized in her debut film ‘Bale Vellaiyathevaa’ has got ample scope to perform in this film, which she has used very efficiently – the interval scene and some scenes in the second half does speak of her potential. Comedian Vivek who appears as himself in the film comes in a very pleasant and lively role in the film, which has been one of the biggest USP. Except for some silly one-liners like ‘Vaazhkai oru vaazhakkaai madhiri’ or ‘Ippodhan en manasu pal set kazhattina paati madihri, free ah irukku’, Vivek makes the audience laugh in a number of scenes. This will be remembered as one of his best roles in his career, and most of the scenes in the first half are like a dedication to him since Arulnithi comes as an ardent fan of Comedian Vivek in the film. M.S.Bhaskar is seen delivering a brilliant performance once again.

The first half of ‘Brindhaavanam’ is beautiful with a handful of heart-warming moments, whereas the second half has an intense flashback after which the film gets middling for a while. The pre-climax and the tediously protracted ending do test our patience to a large extent. The film does have some striking dialogues such as ‘Naama vaazhkkaiyila sandhikkura sila per, Naama vaazhkkaiyila izhandha sila perai gnaabagapaduthuvaanga’ and the conversation between M.S.Bhaskar and Tanya at the church in second half. Radhamohan’s signature style humours like ‘Enga veettula 5 per 5 phone vechirukkom… Apdiyum lonely ah dhan irukkom’ and ‘Pesurathukku phone kuduthaa, Vilaiyaada Candy Crush ketkuriyaa?’ are there in every scene.

Vishal Chandrasekhar’s background score and Vivekanand’s cinematography has been an uplifting feature in the movie. The second song ‘Yaar Nee Yaaradaa’ was good, whereas the other two songs were absolutely needless. The other minuses in ‘Brindhaavanam’ are the over-dramatic characterization and acting of characters like Thalaivaasal Vijay and Subbu Panchu (despite the fact that the scene between Subbu and his daughter was emotional), the film moving episodic at a point of time and the overdone melodrama and unfunny jokes in few scenes (especially towards climax).

Brindhaavanam’ might not be as great as Radhamohan’s ‘Mozhi’ or ‘Abhiyum Naanum’, but a pretty decent drama that is worth a watch!

– Rahman

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@AaraathuSinam & @Kanithan – Movie Review

207.Aaraathu Sinam - Movie Review.

Aaraathu Sinam – Movie Review

#AaraathuSinam is a crime thriller film written and directed by Arivazhagan and produced by Sri Thenandal Films. It is the official remake of the Malayalam Super Hit film Memories (2013), directed by Jeethu Joseph who has made brilliant thrillers like Drishyam. The film stars Arulnithi, Aishwarya Rajesh and Aishwarya Dutta in the lead roles.

First things first, Director Arivazhagan has given a remake that sticks honestly to its original except some minor changes and small commercial compromises. Since the original version was at its best (free of flaws), Arivazhagan has used even the same story telling technique in most aspects (including the cinematography and editing).

The initial 30 minutes are a bit uninteresting, with some forcibly added humour and too many flash cuts on the protagonist’s personal loss. The first half is not gripping as the original because Arulnithi struggles to be perfect in the role of an alcoholic / ex-cop (Prithviraj had just nailed it in the original version). In the first half, Arulnithi looked so stone-faced unable to emote rightly. However, Arulnithi scored very well in the second half utilizing all the ample opportunities he had; definitely, this is one of the best roles that he has ever sported. Arulnithi must also be highly appreciated for continuously being wise on choosing unique scripts that are out of the box and does not have any hero worship (or false heroism) right from the beginning of his career (say Vamsam, Mouna Guru, Oru Kanniyum Moondru Kalavaanigalum, Demonte Colony)

207.Aaraathu Sinam - Movie Review

Towards interval, the film sets in right pace and progresses precisely towards the plot; there is no stopping then. The second half is a real treat for thriller movie lovers, irrespective of whether you have watched the Malayalam version or not. The director is able to pull of things accurately, which were the plus points of MEMORIES; the characters establishment and their development is an integral part in this story and that has been taken care of (say the scene where Aravind decides to quit drinking, after realizing that he was not able to run and catch the accused due to his alcohol addiction) The supporting cast including Aishwarya Rajesh, Aishwarya Dutta, Radharavi, Anupama Kumar, Tulasi, R.N.R.Manohar, Robo Shankar and Charlie have justified the roles given; Director Gaurav was convincing as the antagonist, except for the scanty dialogue delivery in the climax. Background score by Thaman was a very big plus point, despite reminding the theme music of EERAM in several scenes. Cinematography by Aravinnd Singh and Editing by Rajesh Kannan were backboning the narration very efficiently; after his brilliant debut in Demonte Colony, Aravinnd has given his best once again.

On the flip side, the too much of ‘Cinema Police’ comedy was annoying over a point of time and it lessens the thriller mood to an extent. The ‘Thirukural’ song in the second half could have been avoided, which looked like a very big speed breaker!

A pretty decent & honest remake with a very impressive second half. Recommendable watch for weekend!

Rating: 3.5/5

207.Kanithan - Movie Review.

Kanithan – Movie Review
#Kanithan is an action-thriller film written and directed by T. N.Santhosh (former associate of A.R.Murugadoss) and produced by Kalaipuli S Thanu. The film features Atharvaa and Catherine Tresa in the lead roles, while Drums Sivamani has composed the film’s music.

Debutant Santhosh has attempted to make an out and out masala commercial film that deals with a social issue that most of us would not have heard about. But, he fails miserably in his mission due to a very weak script. In short, a very interesting plot has been wasted with a poor, lethargic writing! The first half was likable in bits and parts, whereas the second half falls flat with a pathetic screenplay and too many cliches. The director can be appreciated only for choosing an untouched concept and having collected many information on it through a detailed research (there are some hard-hitting facts that will put in you shock); but all of these are let down by a very conventional play.

Kanithan gives a déjà-vu feeling in many scenes, reminding us of some popular hit films in some oof its pivotal scenes. In particular, it reminds us of many films of A.R.Murugadoss and follows the same screenplay and sequential techniques used in those films (RAMANA – in those scenes where the protagonist finds the similarities between the victims of the Education Loan case, THUPPAAKKI – in the whole film, especially in those scenes where the Protagonist and Antagonist tries to find and reach each other, GHAJINI – a scene where the Sky TV employees are hiding inside a room, the villains pretend to leave and comes again reminds the scene where Asin gets stuck inside Apartment surrounded by the baddies in Ghajni)

207.Kanithan - Movie Review

Kanithan has a ‘n’ number of other problems in writing, casting, editing and music too. The first 30 minutes are just gap-fillers with full of unwanted comedy and romance episode (this film did not need a heroine at all, except for some skin-show). The film arouses some interest in the pre-interval portions, and when we are expecting something to great to happen in the second half, we are served with a routine, clichéd, logicless stuff 😦 One best example to define this film’s lethargic writing is a scene where the hero and his friends are in the process of unveiling a biggest scam to the public and their lifes are in deadly danger – even one of their colleague is shot dead, there the hero drinks with his friend and goes to his girlfriend’s house who is alone there! All just for a song :/ there, we go with a facepalm 😦 :/ In fact, such scenes are there right from the beginning – the protagonist’s family set-up which is too artificial, his friends, love, office, the cop (his father’s friend) – nothing looks real or believable; the clichés starts from showing Manobala as the CEO of the TV channel and Catherine Tresa as his daughter; we are said that the monthly salary of the Chief Reporter is Rs.6,500 per month (so, the office peon must be asked to work for free). There are few other scenes where the logic has been taken for granted, such as showing anyone is able to get acces to the systems of DOT CONSULTANCY easily, which has all of their most confidential information.

Kanithan has a very interesting plot and there are some good moments and interesting ideas here and there (say the scene where the Antagonist calls a hospital and verifies about Venkatesh & how the protagonist handles it and the end shot where a fake doctor itself becomes the cause for the antagonist’s death), but the flimsy / frail script does not make it a worthy entertainer for 2+ hours. The most important antagonist and his son roles has also been totally ruined with a very poor casting; that too, using a much popular dubbing voice for that role makes it look even more weak. Even a fight sequence in a significant situation in the second half has been filmed in a very poor manner. The below average songs by ‘Drums’ Sivamani and their worst placements are a very big minus point. Halfway hrough the film, we start feeling that even ‘run of the mill’ entertainers are far better than these type of films.

On the whole, Kanithan is somewhere between a bearable and below average entertainer. :/

(I still wonder how this film got such fairly positive reviews in the press show… In Sathyam cinemas, a number of people walked away even before the film got over)

P.S: A small piece of advice to Actor Atharvaa… It is appreciable that he selects scripts of different genres and backdrop (Chandi Veeran, Muppozhuthum Un Karpanaigal, Irumbu Kuthirai), but it will be good for his career if he chooses script that has a better writing (something, at-least like EETI which would make his investors happy). Performance wise , there are no major issues; he is mostly convincing in all films.

Verdict: An interesting plot wasted with a pathetic writing! Kanithan is somewhere between a bearable and below average entertainer.

Rating: 2.5/5
(I really wanted to rate this film somewhere around 2/5 only, but could not stop myself from rating it a little high at-least for the noble plot it has)

Review by: Rahman

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@DemonteColony – Movie Review

150.Demonte Colony - Movie Review

Ajay Gnanamuthu, a former assistant of AR Murgadoss announced in 2014 about his debut film will featuring Arulnithi in the lead role. As like most of his films, Arulnithi’s father has produced this film too. THENANDAL FILMS which is distributing almost all the Horror films in Tamil has released this film too. Being a film that is based on a true area at Chennai that is rumoured much of ghosts existence, the film has got good expectations. The movie has been given a clean U/A certificate.

Srinivasan (Arulnithi), Raghavan (Sananth), Vimal (Ramesh Thilak) and Sajith are four friends who struggle to settle in life and to lead a comfortable life. After a night of drinking, the four friends are stranded due to rain. When one of them suggests to do something thrilling, another friend, an aspiring director, suggests to check out a haunted bungalow in the Demonte Colony, Alwarpet. The other two even though reluctant are pulled into joining. Only later after seeing the consequences do all of them realize that they have fallen in a trap themselves. What happens then forms the crux.

In an industry where the genre ‘horror’ has become so irksome that films are made with nothing called LOGIC, ghosts speaking punch dialogues and heroines haunted by ghosts going on with glamour skin-shows (2 such films went onto become SUPER HIT in 2014 and 2015). Ajay Gnanamuthu​ must be appreciated for being so uncompromising that his film didn’t even have a heroine or love track. It is not at all an easy job to give an interesting quality entertainer with 90% of the film happeneing inside a house and with just 4 actors (3, I should say!) Ajay has given some unforced dark humour till the end, which has great response among audience.

The film had some uninteresting moments initially, but once things were set, Demonte Colony​ was engaging all-through. The entire run-time is less than 2 hours, which is a plus point. After the flashback of  #Demonte and the spine-chilling interval block, the audience were left with high expectations for the second half. Despite being sluggish at places, the second half had gripping moments with some breath-taking twists. Only the climax looked too abrupt and unconvincing.

Arulnithi​’s acting looked amateur and too casual at places, but still it was his acting and the 3 other protagonists’ acting in second half increased the eerie feel so much. Sananth​ who is much popular in the short film industry has given a very impressive debut with a subtle performance; this man who has got a decent fan following for his performances in short films, will be seen in many upcoming feature films, for sure. Ramesh Thilak has done a phenomenal job; he does take care of the relief portion and also does not fail to invoke fear in us by his expressions.

Aravinnd Singh​’s cinematography was the biggest plus point of the film in technical terms; it is his work which shows the film of high-standard that has 90% of the scenes inside the house. The angles and lighting were spectacular in each and every scene, whether the aerial views or the shot inside the toilet or the fan scene. Way to go, Aravinnd! BG score by #Chinna was good, whereas the songs by Keba Jeremiah were below average. Bhuvan Srinivasan’s editing is another plus point.

Despite the minuses like some unwanted / uninteresting scenes (say #Jillu) and the bar song, the film is a quality entertainer that is worth the time and money spent. People who loved films like #YaavarumNalam, #Pizza, #Pizaa2 and #Pisaasu, will enjoy it a lot.

VERDICT: An intriguing horror thriller that deserves to be enjoyed in theatre. Worth the time and money spent!

RATING – 3.5/5

Review by: Rahman

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