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@AchchamYenbadhuMadamaiyada / @AYM – Movie Review

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‘Achcham Enbadhu Madamaiyada’
directed by Gautham Vasudev Menon is a yet another thriller where an ordinary man sees an extra-ordinary situation that he cannot withstand. Looking at the inconsistency in writing, it is obvious that Gautham Menon has been in a dilemma whether to try more of a ‘logic less commercial’ stuff in the second half or to stay with his regular style; that has been the biggest issue with AYM.

GVM has also experimented on blending 2 extremely contrast genres before and after the interval. The first half is a complete romance drama that focuses primarily on the love episode alone. After a very long time, a Tamil film has all its 5 songs in the first half itself and no one will see them as speed breakers. All the 5 songs are very well-picturised and are value-adding to the script. The picturization of the much anticipated ‘Thalli Pogaathey’ is a small disappointment, despite being placed in a perfect situation where the script takes a crucial turn.

The startling interval block sets the bar high for the second half. Whereas the second half was so faltering with a very convenient writing (It was indeed a surprise to see guns that never runs out of bullets in GVM’s films); nevertheless to say, the climax was a very big let-down. Few scenes that were made in GVM’s style shined as his signature, while many others were like uninteresting clichés. Surprisingly, the dialogues in this GVM film were not too sharp; some simple conversations like ‘Naama thappey pannaadhappo nammalai thappaa nenachaa, thappaayidum’ were likable, however dialogues in some pivotal scenes were not inspiring.

The repetitiveness in the dialogues, the too-much usage of ‘voice over’ for the protagonist, the villains who were not so menacing over a point of time, twists that did not make any impact at all, things that looked so hurried and abruptly done – all together spoilt the second half completely. The climax twist which was supposed to be a ‘mass factor’ was neither convincing nor cheered by the audience – that twist and the small flashback about the villains was badly executed.

Coming to performance, Simbhu has given a great comeback and tried his best to save the film doing his part fairly. His measured performance in the love scenes and emotions in the second half was commendable. It was so lovable to see him deliver such a quality performance after a number of overdone masala acts alone. All credits to GVM who does make the best use of this guy’s charisma and acting potential. If STR does focus on his career sincerely and start choosing projects wisely, then there is no stopping for him from becoming a star loved by everyone. Manjima Mohan’s chemistry with Simbhu in the first half was too good, but she was so invisible in terms of performance once the film gets in to the action track. A.R.Rahman’s chartbuster songs has been the primary crowd puller for this film; the background score highly contributes to the intensity of the film – the BGM in the pre-climax and climax portion alone looked so ordinary. Dan Macarthur’s wowtastic cinematography has been another biggest asset of AYM, offering us the best of the exquisiteness of Kanniyakumari, Kerala, Chennai and Turkey.

On the whole, Achcham Enbadhu Madamaiyada is a middling entertainer with a pleasant first half 🙂 and a highly disappointing second half 😦

– Rahman (www.fb.com/rahman.machinist)