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Sangili Bungili Kadhava Thorae – Movie Review

‘Horror Comedy’ has been the most irritating genre in the past 4, 5 years. ‘Sangili Bungili Kadhava Thorae’ is yet another underwhelming film to join the list of the dull, unexciting, monotonous horror comedy films. Point out anything from this film ‘#SBKT‘, that is a cliché for you. The director has been extremely lazy in trying to write a horror movie script and a lot more lethargic in the way he has presented it.

Every single person in the cinema hall knows what he is going to see in this horror comedy film – a haunted house where the protagonist and his family gets into, a flashback about why the spirit is doing this, how the hero gets rid of it. Doesn’t a writer have the responsibility of trying to present it interesting in the least possible way? The film evokes laughter rarely in bits & parts, with a ‘beaten to death’ ghost story formula that we see in franchises like ‘Muni’ & ‘Aranmanai’.

One loses interest in the very first scene which is highly dramatic and tries too hard to be authentic, followed by an amateurish photoshopped title card (which has pictures taken from Google and films like ‘The Grudge’ 😂😂) – yes, that’s the maximum creativity you can expect from this director.

The 2 flashbacks (one in the first half and the other in the second half) were interesting, though it could have been presented in a better way. There are some interesting ideas in the film here and there, and some instantly hilarious comedy scenes (4 or 5 such scenes). Other than that, ‘SBKT’ is filled only with comedy scenes that aren’t helping the script in anyway and horror scenes that are so dumb and highly annoying with cheap thrills. The cheesy romance episode and the kuthu song in the 2nd half that comes out of nowhere, adds to it. Vishal Chandrasekhar who had done a terrific job in ‘Jil Jung Juck’ & ‘Kuttram 23’ has disappointed heavily in both the songs and background score of ‘SBKT’.

One thing that I always wonder is how does actors like Jiiva and investors like Fox Star Studios choose such substandard products. Do they at least read the bounded scripts of these films?

‘Sangili Bungili Kadhava Thorae’ is an insincerely made humdrum horror comedy! It could be worth an one time watch if you are someone who don’t really worry about mindless entertainers. There are chances that this weary entertainer might also become a hit, and therefore creating more demand for ‘Aranmanai 3’ ‘Muni 4’ or ‘Shivalinga 2’!

– Rahman

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KAVALAI VENDAM – Movie Review @kavalaivendam

Before even I start writing about this film, I would like to enlighten everyone that this is a rom-com movie with a lot of adult comedies. The director seems to be very clear about his genre and for whom he has made it; the promos also says that very evidently. So, please don’t watch it with your 12 years old kid or 60 years old mother and whine about it later. Now, let’s talk about how good is this ‘romantic comedy’.

The teasers and promos of ‘#Kavalai_Vendam‘ promised to be a very genuine adult comedy movie. Having seen an interesting horror comedy film from a director like Deekay, it is quite natural for us to expect something very uniquely done with this genre. The first 30 minutes of the film is very much enjoyable except for scenes like where Aravindh proposes to Divya. After that, the film fails to be consistently good primarily due to poor characterizations (in particular, the character of Divya). Whenever a filmy, unimpressive emotional scene or a not so funny comedy scene (like the one at the theatre entrance) shows up and we get pissed off, there comes a hilarious comedy scene after that which makes sure that the whole film is not a regretful watch. Yes, this is a film where you will feel irritated in a scene and you will have an enjoyably done comedy in the very next scene. That is what saves ‘Kavalai Vendam’ to a great extent, thanks to the comedian-duo RJ Balaji & Bala Saravanan and the funny one-liners (there are a number of adult jokes and dialogues that youngsters could only enjoy and others would wonder why these guys are laughing crazily). 😂

With a better writing, ‘Kavalai Vendam’ would have been the most celebrated comedy film in the recent times; but, what we get to see is a very average entertainer that could make you laugh a lot in many scenes despite its flaws. The film doesn’t have a good narration or a proper story flow, it keeps us engrossed with some good comedy scenes such as the Police station scene and the Boat scene and many other scenes that had ideas lifted / inspired from Whatsapp jokes, videos that went viral in social media and scenes from popular English romantic comedies (say the scene where Aravindh and Divya looks at a mice in a guy’s hand, the scene where Shalini wants to give Aravindh’s friend a surprise birthday celebration 😝 and the confession scene in the boat).

Where films like ‘Kavalai Vendam’ and ‘Trisha Illainnaa Nayanthara’ becomes nothing more than a routine movie is with too much of stereotyping of the characters, their alienic actions and some repetitive small-minded jokes on women. Almost every other male character in this film is an all-time alcoholic or a ‘pervert-like’ flirt (the protagonist, the protagonist’s friends, father, a doctor whom the father calls in a scene or even a pizza delivery guy or a boat driver who just comes for a single scene also falls in either of this category); that’s what I call as ‘stereotypical’ here. Even when someone like Arjun tries to be somewhat broad-minded, he is being sickly humiliated as a ‘second hand lover’. One or two romance scenes are good due to the lead pair’s on-screen chemistry, whereas most other scenes test our patience since we are unable to either empathise for the characters’ separation or rejoice for the happy ending.

Jiiva has been one of the biggest plus points of this film, delivering what the script had demanded exactly. Though his funny acts and acting in emotional scenes does remind a lot of his previous films, Jiiva does his job very convincingly on the whole. RJ Balaji is almost like the second hero of this film, where his one-liners are the biggest saving grace (say ‘Neeyum unga appanum serndhaa, Yeman kitta irundhey eruma maattai thallittu vandhuduveenga’). Despite carrying a lot of ‘Tamil cinema loosu ponnu’ characteristics, Kajal Agarwal has a lot of acting scope and she does try to justify it sincerely; this could be easily her best performance in Tamil films. Nevertheless to say, she was damn pretty in each and every scene. Sunainaa comes in meaty role, handling it subtly. She and her character deserved a little more respect; such an abrupt ending or vanishing was too bad being a pivotal character. I am still wondering, why on earth a National award winner like Bobby Simha signed such a minuscule, beaten-to-death ‘America Maappillai’ role that literally had nothing to perform at all; there are 1 or 2 scenes where he has something to speak, but that are also let down with overacting. Abinandhan Ramanujam’s wonderful cinematography that showed the best of Ooty’s beauty and Leon James’s background score are highly commendable.

– Rahman

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YAAN – Movie Review

115.Yaan - Movie ReviewAfter a series of flop movies and the breezy rom-com ENDRENDRUM PUNNAGAI which was a decent hit in the box office, Jiiva is back with his next film ‘YAAN’. Ace cinematographer Ravi K Chandran who is known for his notable work in cinematography in films like FANAA, AAYUTHA EZHUTHU, KANNATHIL MUTHAMITTAL, GHAJINI, BOYS, SAAWARIYAA has made his debut as a filmmaker through YAAN. Cinematographers turning as Directors is not new to Tamil cinema. We have seen many popular cinematographers like K.V.Anand, P.C.Sree Raam, Santhosh Sivan, Velraj proving themselves as good film-makers; also, we have seen some cinematographers like K.V.Guhan and Ravi Varman failing as a film director. So, in which list does Ravi K Chandran join as a debut film-maker? Read on, to know!

Chandru (Jiiva) is a ‘happy-go-lucky’ natured unemployed MBA graduate; he falls in love with Srila (Thulasi Nair) in first sight. When Srila loves him back, her father (Nasser) does not like it. Srila’s father calls Chandru to his home and insults him for his playful attitude and jobless situation. Chandru starts looking for a job immediately so seriously, to prove himself; since he does not find any job in his city, Chandru leaves to Balikistan. Once he lands in Balikistan, he is being arrested for a crime that he does not do. How does Chandru manages to prove his innocence forms the crux of the story.

Director Ravi K Chandran has tried to present a very old story as an interesting action thriller, but has failed to a great extent. YAAN leaves you yawn in most parts, with a poor writing and a disastrous execution from the first time director #Ravi_K_Chandran. The film runs for more than 2:30 hours, but does not have an engaging content for at least 30 minutes; Yaan has been too dry in content. The screenplay is much faltering, and makes us doubt if the film would have been a HIT even it was released 10 to 15 years ago; the film has such a bunch of uninteresting scenes. There are too many outdated scenes like where the public is asked for support through television channels and social sites.  Even when the hero is facing a deadly problem, the audience are not able to feel any tension where there is no connectivity at all! There are a ‘n’ number of unanswered questions regarding the logic, which you will not be able to count too.

The film starts with a shoot-out which ends in the death of an international terrorist, but after that we do not see a single scene that moves the film towards its plot until the interval. The second half is even more sluggish, which will test your patience to a great extent. Jiiva has done a convincing job in the role of Chandru. He looks stunningly cool and handsome, thanks to the extra-ordinary costume desigining all through the film for all the artists. Thulasi Nair delivers an average performance and she needs to improve a lot more in her expressions; even, the lip sync was not good in many scenes. Veteran actors like Nazar, Jaya Prakash has also been much under-utilized in very small roles.

Songs in Harris’s music are average and are also misplaced completely which acts as speed breakers. The only relief is the pleasing cinematography, Harris’ thumping Background score in the action scenes and the choice of locations, costumes and the sets which has been good. The romance portions which occupies most of the first half has been ‘run-of-the-mill’ type; Jiiva’s character’s playful act is enjoyable in few scenes and is annoying in most scenes. The build-up in Thulasi’s intro scene or Jiiva’s long run for getting her visiting card is not so interesting; also, the CG work in these scenes and many scenes in second half was poor. The stunts were no way realistic and the extensively used slow motion shots in the stunts could have been reduced a lot. If escaping from that jail illegally in such a country is the hreo’s aim and if that is all he wanted to, then what for did he wait till the climax scene? Over a point of time in the second half, the audience go puzzled what the director is trying to say or what entertainment he has tried offering!


VERDICT: One of the most boring commercial films of the year!

P.S: If you are one who have been irritated by films like #Maan_Karate, #Jilla, #Anjaan and #Irumbu_Kuthirai this year, YAAN will add to it.

Review by: Rahman

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