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@Thondan – Movie Review

Director Samuthirakani is one of those directors who makes films with a lot of social responsibilities each and every time, with bold statements against every wrong-doings in the society.

Thondan’ also has a lot of such messages with a noble intention. The director has talked about so many things such as farmers’ plight, violence against women, stalking, corruption and caste politics. There is also a scene where the protagonist Maha Vishnu speaks about the rare breeds of cows that our previous generation had and how we had lost them and a few gutsy and open lines about the Jallikattu protest and its tragic end and the violence against fishermen who helped the students. These were great to hear and applaud, but actually none of these were relevant to the script by any means!

In simple, ‘Thondan’ is the same old ‘Good vs Evil’ template social action drama film where a common man confronts a corrupted politician. But, most of the scenes in the film are out of the script that speaks about the current issues. A director has all rights to use cinema as a tool to convey his messages about the current affairs. But cinema being a visual medium, all of them must be well-etched into the script (like ‘Kaththi’ or ‘Thani Oruvan’ without deviating from the core plot). That has not happened in ‘Thondan’ at all, which makes the audience lose their interest eventually.

There are a couple of hard-hitting scenes in the film, but all go futile with a pathetic script. The predictable narration, age-old clichés in action scenes, the preachy ‘puratchi’ lines and philosophies about life, the characters that are either too good or extremely bad, the exaggerated emotions and the unwanted songs – all adds to the boredom factor. The comedy scenes in the first half are laughable to a point and the pre-climax IT raid scene was really hilarious, whereas the ghost comedy in the first half was highly irritating. Such a script did not even demand a heroine or a romance episode at all.

– Rahman

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@OruNaalKoothu – Movie Review

240.Oru Naal Koothu – Movie Review.jpg

As the title implies, Debut director Nelson Venkatesan’s ‘Oru Naal Koothu’ speaks about the scenario of today’s marriages – the tension, pressure, expectations and uncertainties in these marriages, either it is a love marriage or an arranged marriage.

The director has taken the story of 3 women – Lakshmi, a fearful & timorous village whose problem is her stubborn father who rejects her alliances for various reasons, Susheela, a RJ who isn’t married yet due to various expectations from the grooms’ end, Kavya, a Chennai IT girl who cannot convince her boyfriend for marriage due to his commitments and inferiority complex feelings. Other than these primary characters, every other character in the film has their own views on marriage or expectations about their life-partner. Be it the groom who rejects Susheela just because he confused by his friends’ words or Susheela’s uncle who is always worried that he is not married yet or Kavya’s father or Lakshmi’s father, every one of their character makes a lot of sense.

The biggest plus point of ‘Oru Naal Koothu’ is its aesthetically pleasing approach towards the plot that speaks about a very common issue that we see and hear often. Though there are a lot of films about marriage and its issues, ‘Oru Naal Koothu’ is a very fresh attempt in the recent times. Nelson Venkatesan seems to be a very promising debut who impresses in the making, characters establishment & development and the plot development. The penetrating moments are very well backed by measured performances. The dialogues are simple and straight-to-the-point, say ‘Naai vandhaa mattum yen eriyanum?

The film has got everything perfectly measured and packed in the first half – emotions, drama and humour; the problem begins when it starts getting cheesy in the mid second half (especially when we see too much of drama towards the end and a song that could have been easily avoided). The ending at the marriage hall also looked so abrupt and very much unconvincing. Only these minuses stops ONK from becoming a great film, which actually had an inordinate potential to be one.

Coming to performance, all the three lead female actors have done a flawless job. Mia George has done great justification to her role once again, after her recent films. Rithvika fits into the role prettily, whereas Nivetha looks exactly like a girl-next-door resembling the Chennai IT girls. Dinesh has done his part decently, with no complaints to point out. Bala Saravanan provides the much needed laughter relief now and then, his performance is really enjoyable after a number of poor roles in recent times.  Karunakaran, Charle and Ramesh Thilak does shine in their small roles. Gokul’s cinematography and Sabu Joseph’s editing has been so contributing to ONK. This review would be incomplete without mentioning about the stellar job by Justin Prabhakaran in songs and background score which has elevated the film’s standards to a different level; he deserves a very big appreciation, wish he would reach great heights soon!

Rating: 3.25/5

Review by: Rahman

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@IdhuEnnaMayam & @OrangeMittai – Movie Review

Here are the reviews of IDHU ENNA MAYAM and ORANGE MITTAI 🙂

IDHU ENNA MAYAM – Movie Review

After the release of his last film SAIVAM in June 2014, Director A.L.Vijay revealed his collaboration with Magic Frames and Vikram Prabhu in July 2014, when the director noted he had finished writing the script for a romantic film to be shot in Chennai. In August 2014, Malayali actress Keerthi Suresh was brought in to play the female lead role, thus making her debut in Tamil films. The film’s shoot began in August 2014 and was completed in April 2015. The film has been co-produced by A.L.Vijay.

Arun (Vikram Prabhu)
and his friends (who are unsuccessful theatre artists) starts something called UMT (Unnaal Mudiyum Thambi!) to help out youngsters who are struggling to succeed in their love. While they are progressing too successful in it, Santhosh (Navdeep) a multi-millionaire approaches them to help him in his love for Maya (Keerthi Suresh). The problem is that Maya is Arun’s ex-girlfriend. What does Arun do then? This forms the crux of the story.

A.L.Vijay is very well known for his breezy romantic comedy films and decent family entertainers. ‘Idhu Yenna Mayam’ which has some interesting ideas & scenes, also has draggy and cliched moments equally. There are few scenes which might test the audience’s patience to an extent, that are saved only by the mild humour here and there (few scenes were a laugh riot, thanks to RJ Balaji and the supporting cast).

The romance is lifeless in some crucial portions. A.L.Vijay seems to have focused more on the film’s look, making and glossy stuffs thereby scoring less on the emotional connect (lacking depth), which is the most vital thing for a rom-com. Some weak characterizations with no detailing were also a minus. The repetitiveness in scenes in 2nd half, was boring at a point of time. The climax twist was really good.

Vikram Prabhu has done quite an average job, and does not look as young as a college student. Debut actress Keerthi Suresh looks energetic and too pretty; she is perfect with her lip-syncs since she knows Tamil well. She will be one among the most liked actresses among youngsters in 2015 and would win a lot more offers with big stars. The supporting cast’s contribution has been a very big asset to the film; veteran actors like Charlie are very well used.

The flashback portion could have been much better, even though there are some breezy moments. The flashback portion has scenes that we use to see in 1990s like Juniors-Seniors quarrels, Triangular love, Hockey and Cricket matches; that gets worse when they are presented even more uninteresting and clichéd. The reason why Arun breaks up with Maya also looks so silly / kiddish and is not properly justified. The scenes involving Vikram Prabhu’s engagement with Nasser’s friend’s daughter was also totally unwanted. Unfortunately, the film reminds us of many films like ‘Minsara Kanavu’, ‘Poi Solla Porom’, ‘M.Kumaran’ and few others here and there.

Veridct: IDHU ENNA MAYAM has an extraordinary one-liner which is made as a very average though decent Rom-Com entertainer!.

Rating – 2.75/5


ORANGE MITTAI – Movie Review

2Actor Vijay Sethupathi launched his production company VIJAY SETHUPATHI PRODUCTIONS in early 2014; his first project ORANGE MITTAI was announced in February 2014 and he signed up director Biju Viswanath to direct the venture. The film was said to feature an ensemble cast including Jayaprakash, Ramesh Thilak, Aru Bala and Aashritha in the lead roles, with Vijay Sethupathi stating he would not play a role. However in July 2014, Vijay Sethupathi revealed that he would play a 55 year old man in the film and promotional stills were released, replacing Jayaprakash in the character. The film began production in mid-2014 and was completed in early 2015.

Sathya (Ramesh Thilak) and Aarumugam (Aaru Bala) who are working as Emergency Medical Technician and Ambulance Driver in Government Hospital receives a call from Kailasam (Vijay Sethupathi), a 55 years old man who suffers a cardiac attack. The film is a tale of Father and Son relationship and is all about the ambulance travel of Sathya who lost his father recently and Kailasam whose son has left him for some reasons.

ORANGE MITTAI is a journey of emotions; a slow, beautiful journey. It is just about a travel in a day from home to hospital and the way return. The emotions are detailed with no preachy messages or not much of melodrama. That has been the biggest plus point of ORANGE MITTAI. Simplicity is its beauty! However, people who looks for a commercial or fast paced film might be disappointed (can better skip it), since this film is made for a different set of audience actually. Few shallow scenes and the pre-climax portions which are slightly dragging are the minus points of ORANGE MITTAI.

Director Biju Viswanath and team has been very clear on not adding unwanted commercial additions, just going with what the script demands only. Also, the team was clear on making the film not targeting the mainstream audience.

The film very well portrays the pain of loneliness, the undescribable feelings of a father and son with very less words and especially the bitter-sweet moments of life as like its title. With a tighter script, the film would have been much more enjoyable by all set of audience; still, the film is pure as a gem (where our industry is filled with mindless commercial potboilers)!

Coming to performance, Vijay Sethupathi and Ramesh Thilak has given a top notch performance equally! Vijay Sethupathi has nailed it by his neat performance althrough with no overdoing anywhere. Ramesh Thilak has been in a tight competition with Vijay Sethupathi, delivering a subtle performance what was needed exactly. Arumugam Bala’s performance and humour lines were enjoyable, hope he will be seen in many more films. The technical team including Justin Prabhakaran, Biju Viswanath and others have given their best with the budget and resource available, not going anywhere out of the script.

Verdict: A slow journey of emotions. A road film that will stay close to your heart.
Simplicity is its beauty!

Rating – 3.5/5

P.S: Strictly not for people who prefer fast paced movies alone!

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