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@Thondan – Movie Review

Director Samuthirakani is one of those directors who makes films with a lot of social responsibilities each and every time, with bold statements against every wrong-doings in the society.

Thondan’ also has a lot of such messages with a noble intention. The director has talked about so many things such as farmers’ plight, violence against women, stalking, corruption and caste politics. There is also a scene where the protagonist Maha Vishnu speaks about the rare breeds of cows that our previous generation had and how we had lost them and a few gutsy and open lines about the Jallikattu protest and its tragic end and the violence against fishermen who helped the students. These were great to hear and applaud, but actually none of these were relevant to the script by any means!

In simple, ‘Thondan’ is the same old ‘Good vs Evil’ template social action drama film where a common man confronts a corrupted politician. But, most of the scenes in the film are out of the script that speaks about the current issues. A director has all rights to use cinema as a tool to convey his messages about the current affairs. But cinema being a visual medium, all of them must be well-etched into the script (like ‘Kaththi’ or ‘Thani Oruvan’ without deviating from the core plot). That has not happened in ‘Thondan’ at all, which makes the audience lose their interest eventually.

There are a couple of hard-hitting scenes in the film, but all go futile with a pathetic script. The predictable narration, age-old clichés in action scenes, the preachy ‘puratchi’ lines and philosophies about life, the characters that are either too good or extremely bad, the exaggerated emotions and the unwanted songs – all adds to the boredom factor. The comedy scenes in the first half are laughable to a point and the pre-climax IT raid scene was really hilarious, whereas the ghost comedy in the first half was highly irritating. Such a script did not even demand a heroine or a romance episode at all.

– Rahman

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KAVALAI VENDAM – Movie Review @kavalaivendam

Before even I start writing about this film, I would like to enlighten everyone that this is a rom-com movie with a lot of adult comedies. The director seems to be very clear about his genre and for whom he has made it; the promos also says that very evidently. So, please don’t watch it with your 12 years old kid or 60 years old mother and whine about it later. Now, let’s talk about how good is this ‘romantic comedy’.

The teasers and promos of ‘#Kavalai_Vendam‘ promised to be a very genuine adult comedy movie. Having seen an interesting horror comedy film from a director like Deekay, it is quite natural for us to expect something very uniquely done with this genre. The first 30 minutes of the film is very much enjoyable except for scenes like where Aravindh proposes to Divya. After that, the film fails to be consistently good primarily due to poor characterizations (in particular, the character of Divya). Whenever a filmy, unimpressive emotional scene or a not so funny comedy scene (like the one at the theatre entrance) shows up and we get pissed off, there comes a hilarious comedy scene after that which makes sure that the whole film is not a regretful watch. Yes, this is a film where you will feel irritated in a scene and you will have an enjoyably done comedy in the very next scene. That is what saves ‘Kavalai Vendam’ to a great extent, thanks to the comedian-duo RJ Balaji & Bala Saravanan and the funny one-liners (there are a number of adult jokes and dialogues that youngsters could only enjoy and others would wonder why these guys are laughing crazily). 😂

With a better writing, ‘Kavalai Vendam’ would have been the most celebrated comedy film in the recent times; but, what we get to see is a very average entertainer that could make you laugh a lot in many scenes despite its flaws. The film doesn’t have a good narration or a proper story flow, it keeps us engrossed with some good comedy scenes such as the Police station scene and the Boat scene and many other scenes that had ideas lifted / inspired from Whatsapp jokes, videos that went viral in social media and scenes from popular English romantic comedies (say the scene where Aravindh and Divya looks at a mice in a guy’s hand, the scene where Shalini wants to give Aravindh’s friend a surprise birthday celebration 😝 and the confession scene in the boat).

Where films like ‘Kavalai Vendam’ and ‘Trisha Illainnaa Nayanthara’ becomes nothing more than a routine movie is with too much of stereotyping of the characters, their alienic actions and some repetitive small-minded jokes on women. Almost every other male character in this film is an all-time alcoholic or a ‘pervert-like’ flirt (the protagonist, the protagonist’s friends, father, a doctor whom the father calls in a scene or even a pizza delivery guy or a boat driver who just comes for a single scene also falls in either of this category); that’s what I call as ‘stereotypical’ here. Even when someone like Arjun tries to be somewhat broad-minded, he is being sickly humiliated as a ‘second hand lover’. One or two romance scenes are good due to the lead pair’s on-screen chemistry, whereas most other scenes test our patience since we are unable to either empathise for the characters’ separation or rejoice for the happy ending.

Jiiva has been one of the biggest plus points of this film, delivering what the script had demanded exactly. Though his funny acts and acting in emotional scenes does remind a lot of his previous films, Jiiva does his job very convincingly on the whole. RJ Balaji is almost like the second hero of this film, where his one-liners are the biggest saving grace (say ‘Neeyum unga appanum serndhaa, Yeman kitta irundhey eruma maattai thallittu vandhuduveenga’). Despite carrying a lot of ‘Tamil cinema loosu ponnu’ characteristics, Kajal Agarwal has a lot of acting scope and she does try to justify it sincerely; this could be easily her best performance in Tamil films. Nevertheless to say, she was damn pretty in each and every scene. Sunainaa comes in meaty role, handling it subtly. She and her character deserved a little more respect; such an abrupt ending or vanishing was too bad being a pivotal character. I am still wondering, why on earth a National award winner like Bobby Simha signed such a minuscule, beaten-to-death ‘America Maappillai’ role that literally had nothing to perform at all; there are 1 or 2 scenes where he has something to speak, but that are also let down with overacting. Abinandhan Ramanujam’s wonderful cinematography that showed the best of Ooty’s beauty and Leon James’s background score are highly commendable.

– Rahman

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VANMAM – Movie Review

119.Vanmam - Movie Review

In August 2013, it was confirmed that Vijay Sethupathi would be doing a film with Kreshna titled VANMAM. The film is directed by Jai Krishna, a former assistant of Kamal Haasan. The film has music scored by S. Thaman and cinematography by Balabharani. The filming began in late April 2014 in Nagercoil and was shot in and around Kanyakumari district. The whole shooting was completed by early July 2014, in 60 to 70 days. Will VANMAM be a hit for Vijay Sethupathi and Kreshna following their films RUMMY, VAANAVARAYAN VALLAVARAYAN, PANNAIYARUM PADMINIYUM which did not do well in the box office? Read on to know!

VANMAM is a friendship – revenge drama set in rural backdrop. Radha (Vijay Sethupathi) and Chelladurai (Kreshna) are two jobless youngsters and thick friends, who does nothing other than  drinking / smoking and getting into quarrels often. Chelladurai is in love with Vadana (Sunaina), sister of Ratnam (Madhusoodan Rao), one of the rich businessmen in the town. Knowing about his sister’s love, Ratnam decides to kill Chelladurai. What happens then forms the crux of the story.

Director Jai Krishna has attempted to give a much familiar revenge story with nativity and emotions, along with the usual commercial elements added; however, the film does engage very rarely. There is nothing so fresh in the presentation too; the execution could have been a lot better, a tight screenplay would have made the film at-least ‘bearable’! The film moves at a very slow pace, with highly predictable scenes; after a point of time, with so many yawning, unimpacting twists, the film tests your patience to a great extent. There is a 1990s style melodrama all-through the film, where the primary characters keep on crying, fighting and shouting; but, none of those emotions works out due to weak writing and some unrealistic performances. Even the scenes where Radha regrets for his mistake and takes care of the disturbed family, reminds a popular Malayalam film that had Mohan Lal in the lead.

Vijay Sethupathi’s performance is the only relief in the film! He has given his best in the role of a rich, daring youngster who would do anything for his loved ones; his stunt sequences are also too good, but he needs to improve a lot in dance to act in such commercial films. But still, it is really a sad surprise for the audience to see him in such a mainstream commercial film so early, after films like SOODHU KAVVUM, NADUVULA KONJAM PAKKATHAI KAANOM and PANNAIYARUM PADMINIYUM. Next to Vijay Sethupathi, it is ‘Goli Soda’ fame Madhusoodan Rao who impresses much with his neat performance. Kreshna’s poor, usual / amateurish acting and his whole characterization has been a very big let down. Likewise, the villain in JP role has done an unconvincing job.

The romance portions adds to the boredom and the detailing on VJ Sethupathi and Kreshna’s friendship was never adequate! Even the Tirunelveli region accent looks so bad and is irritating, after a point of time. The below average songs which are forcibly added is another major minus point; the picturization is also below average. The BGM was too loud and could have been much better. Bala Bharani has done a pretty decent job in cinematography.

RATING: 2.25/5

VERDICT: An usual revenge drama which does not work, due to the slow paced, predictable scenes and too much melodrama!

Review by: Rahman

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