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@Thondan – Movie Review

Director Samuthirakani is one of those directors who makes films with a lot of social responsibilities each and every time, with bold statements against every wrong-doings in the society.

Thondan’ also has a lot of such messages with a noble intention. The director has talked about so many things such as farmers’ plight, violence against women, stalking, corruption and caste politics. There is also a scene where the protagonist Maha Vishnu speaks about the rare breeds of cows that our previous generation had and how we had lost them and a few gutsy and open lines about the Jallikattu protest and its tragic end and the violence against fishermen who helped the students. These were great to hear and applaud, but actually none of these were relevant to the script by any means!

In simple, ‘Thondan’ is the same old ‘Good vs Evil’ template social action drama film where a common man confronts a corrupted politician. But, most of the scenes in the film are out of the script that speaks about the current issues. A director has all rights to use cinema as a tool to convey his messages about the current affairs. But cinema being a visual medium, all of them must be well-etched into the script (like ‘Kaththi’ or ‘Thani Oruvan’ without deviating from the core plot). That has not happened in ‘Thondan’ at all, which makes the audience lose their interest eventually.

There are a couple of hard-hitting scenes in the film, but all go futile with a pathetic script. The predictable narration, age-old clichés in action scenes, the preachy ‘puratchi’ lines and philosophies about life, the characters that are either too good or extremely bad, the exaggerated emotions and the unwanted songs – all adds to the boredom factor. The comedy scenes in the first half are laughable to a point and the pre-climax IT raid scene was really hilarious, whereas the ghost comedy in the first half was highly irritating. Such a script did not even demand a heroine or a romance episode at all.

– Rahman

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Kavan – Movie Review

Director K.V.Anand is very well known for delivering sensible entertainers with some awareness or social message for the audience. Even his beautiful Tamil film titles are an unique identity for him. ‘#Kavan‘ is a much needed film of the hour, which talks about the darker evil side of the media and their nasty ideas of manipulating the truth just for the sake of money-making. Being a media person themselves in the earlier days of his career, such interesting social thrillers like ‘KO’, ‘AYAN’, & ‘KAVAN’ comes so easy in hand for the hit combo of K.V.Anand & Subha.

The film has got some highly intense moments and eye-opener scenes that unveils a lot of shocking truths about the top medias and newsmakers in our nation. ‘Kavan’ does talk about a lot of topics including the Embedded journalism, scripted and cooked up news stories that are made to deviate and dissolve an issue’s seriousness or to help brand a particular person or cinema star or political party (just like the news that we read about political parties using marketing agencies to brand them during elections), calling celebrities like ‘Power Star’ to troll them intentionally, changing finalists and winners in last minute in reality shows and award functions, manipulating the facts & deciding what should be & what shouldn’t be there on air, the anchors in Talk shows who wants to prove their argumentative skills (like Arnab Goswami & Rangaraj Paandey), the never ending hungerness for TRP. The scripting team should be highly appreciated for putting in a lot of time and effort for collecting so much of data in terms of understanding the current trends and technologies in media industry, which has been presented to the audience in a simple and engrossing format. The writers do give the audience examples on world history too, such as the news of Saddam Hussein and Iraq invasion.

The first half of ‘Kavan’ begins with the romance portion, K.V.Anand & Jagan’s usual style of double meaning comedies and adult jokes. With too many trolling on media beyond a necessary point, few scenes look a bit dragging and uninteresting too in the first half. However, the pre-interval episode is excitingly made and the interval block is terrific. The second half is on a better pace, however the penultimate scenes alone look so lengthy.

‘Kavan’ is definitely not a faultless script, it does have lots of logical lags and quite a few boredom moments. This film deserved to be even more better; with a watertight screenplay, ‘Kavan’ could have been a landmark film like ‘KO’. However, the other plus points of ‘Kavan’ makes us enjoy the film beyond the flaws.

Vijay Sethupathi is brilliant as usual, delivering what is exactly expected out the role ‘Thilak’ (his overweight and wig are the only disturbing issues in the college scenes and the earlier part of the first half). Madonna Sebastian does not have much scope to perform, but still she appears in a very important role that travels in the film from the title card till the end. T.Rajendar can be called as the ‘second hero’ of the film, because he is the one who takes in-charge of the second half completely; only worry is that his rhyming one liners gets overdone at times. Other actors including Akashdeep Saigal, Vikranth, Krishna, Bose Venkat, Pandiyarajan, Nasser and Jagan have done their part fairly. The technical finesse in terms of cinematography, art direction and editing is a very big asset to the film. Songs by ‘Hip Hop’ Thamizha are good and the background score was extraordinary towards the end. However, one cannot help missing the awesome combination of K.V.Anand & Harris Jayaraj which never failed to give delightful songs.

On the whole, ‘#Kavan’ is an above average entertainer, but still a must-watch for the untouched plot and bold content!  Much needed topic of the hour!! K.V.Anand deserves a very big garland for making a film on it. 

– Rahman

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